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We will help you get your ads on the leading mobile internet sites simply and quickly, while helping you monetize your mobile traffic.

Why people choose us

Octobird has created an outstanding platform for making the most of mobile internet. Our dashboard allows you to create your own campaigns, manage your funds, analyse your advertising traffic, and maximise your sales potential.

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Registration takes 30 seconds and doesn't require any personal information. Set up your advertising campaign in a matter of minutes. Starting earning from mobile advertising today!


Octobird is among the top three leaders in Russia's mobile advertising market. Our network supports thousands of sites on a huge range of subjects. Leading brands place their trust in us.


The flexibility of our settings allows you to work with the audience you wish to target. Our targeting lets you choose countries, operators, mobile device types, platforms and more.


Analysis of your campaigns is available online on any device, at any time of day or night. Manage your impressions wherever you are.


We guarantee Publishers punctual payments and protect advertisers from any form of artificially inflating clicks.


Octobird's 24-hour tech support service is glad to answer your queries. We reply to 100% of enquiries within a 24-hour period.


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  • С Наступающим 2019!

    Дорогие коллеги! Команда Octobird поздравляет Вас с Наступающим Новым Годом, и желает в новом году приумножить ваше счастье и ваши капиталы ну и конечно же крепкого здоровья! Спасибо, что бы...

  • M1-shop agency cabinet

    Guys, today we are happy to announce we have completed the integration with, one of the leading russian CPA-networks. Register on the M1 and get special conditions from Octobird and M1-sho...