Place text ads and graphic banners in all popular formats. Banners can display graphics along with text, or simply text. Refine your campaigns to suit your needs by selecting the format that you require.

Rich Media

CSS and JavaScript, Rich Media allow you to create fun, interactive banners to wow your audience.

Aggressive advertising gets maximum attention

Using RichMedia, advertisers can place banners that support sound, video, and other outstanding interactive opportunities unavailable to standard banners. In essence, it's more than a banner - it can be an online game, a presentation, or even a mini online shop.

Properly interactive

Clicking on a banner opens it in full screen and it becomes interactive. This dynamic and engaging technology lets you really dazzle the user.

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Broad reach

Octobird is one of the leading mobile advertising agencies in Russia. We work daily with hundreds of advertising sites around the world, the majority of which have become our permanent partners.


A varied range of popular sites, from business to entertainment, work with our network. Our partners include everyone from major portals to small websites.

Target audience

Octobird's target audience are active users of various mobile devices.
It's a pleasure working with such a loyal audience.


Full control over your campaigns is the key to your success. Manage our campaigns wherever you are. Your dashboard allows you to chart your campaigns, monitor impressions, make changes, and control your funds.


Complete freedom and control anywhere you are. Create ad campaigns, ad banners and manage impressions using your smartphone or tablet. Be truly mobile!

Manage funds

We accept payments via the vast majority of payment systems, and also support cash-free payments.

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